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It’s a new gardening year!

Happy New Year!! Are you making garden resolutions?

I have GRAND plans, people. GRAND PLANS.

I am going to create and herb garden and a flower cutting garden and build an outdoor kitchen WITH A COB OVEN!!! Woo!

Screw the chicken coop – I want pizza!

I have received my favorite garden seed catalogs in the mail and have gone through and marked what I want to buy in order to start planning all of the gardens.

I also have a ton of projects I want to try this year, like hypertufa and a pergola and coldframes. In fact, I think 2013 might be gearing up to be the Year of Concrete. I bought a concrete pathway mold to make paths all over the yard, I am thinking of making concrete countertops for the kitchen area AND there’s the hypertufa of course. Did I say “Woo?” WOO!!

Oh. And a pond. I want a pond.

So. I realize this is a lot to tackle, but for some reason I have this feeling I can do it. Denial? Most likely. I’ve been blabbing about it to enough people that I’ll look like I lame-o if I don’t get it done. I gotta save face.

And then there’s you. My internet friends. I can’t let you down now, can I?

The Garden’s First Year

March 2012

July 2012


I learned so much this past year and I can’t wait to see what the garden is going to become in 2013. I have major plans…adding an herb garden AND a cutting garden. I got my favorite seed catalogs in the mail this past week, so now it time to start planning.

See you next year!

The Last of the Harvest

We harvested the corn last weekend, and while it was really pretty, it really wasn’t edible. I don’t think that I’ll waste my time with corn next year. I might change my mind, but I’d rather use the space for something I know will be successful.

The brocoll I planted a few weeks ago is looking great, and my remaining cabbage is still hanging in there, looking all gorgeous.

I ripped the Glacier tomatoes out of bed 2 (I am SO not growing those next year) and have started to plant garlic.  I went out yesterday and saw that a few cloves had popped out of the ground.  I need to get another pound or so of seed to finish this bed out.  I can’t remember what variety this is at the moment. It’s a hard neck, which will give me scapes (yay!) and the cloves are nice and huge.

Things are winding down, for sure!

2012 Garden Resolutions

Gardening has been on my mind a lot lately. It has become a bigger part of my life every year for the past six years since we moved into our house and has certainly ramped up since I became a member of my local community garden.  As an artist, I think of it as major form of artistic expression and perhaps my decline in wanting to illustrate is directly related to my growing interest in gardening. So, aside from main task of creating my vegetable garden, I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2012:

One thing is clear…I’m going to have to buy some power tools! I am sure if I sat here long enough I could think of a ton more things to add – better stop while my list is somewhat manageable.